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Awaken and Restore Shampoo & Conditioner for Graying Hair That Wants To Be Restored!




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Gray Hair is our business! Awaken & Restore Hair developed "Targeted Herbal Technology" that heals your hair problems when most products cover them up.

Problems can results from:

  • lack of root nutrition,
  • lack of root stimulation,
  • lack of hair vitamins,
  • unbalanced scalp conditions,
  • presence of deep bacteria and in some cases fungus and mites
  • inflammation in the scalp


Month 1: Notice that your scalp is much healthier and that your hair is much softer and more manageable

Month 2 and 3: Notice that your hair is beginning to grow as it did when your was its healthiest

Month 5: Notice that the Gray hair has stopped forming!

Month 6: Notice that the aging of graying hair has either completely stopped or slowed to almost nothing.

You may also see the restoration of your original color starting to grow from the root during this time!

How about products that help to heal serious and problems that could be serious! Healthy Hair Complex uses Targeted Technology to get down to dirty causes of your problems and is an amazing line of hair care products that other major manufacturers should have a hard look at emulating. Other brands like Nioxin, Mastey and Abba Pure are starting to use more of an herbal based to their products.

Forget salon products! They don't touch what HEALTHY HAIR COMPLEX does. Read about our products and you will see why we are the leaders in healthy hair.

We also offer skin firming and detox products including detox shampoos and conditioners. Check out our skin firming cream and other brand name hair care products. "I can always tell when hair is truly healthy. It may shine and it may have a decent look but it doesn't mean that it is healthy. The health of the hair starts deep in the scalp. That is where Healthy Hair Complex starts - use it and be amazed." W also recommend that you check out the best in hair vitamins that are referred to as nano or small cell stimulators.

                      John Mavin - San Antonio Hair Spas

This is the only product that we recommend to anybody that wants to stop gray hair in its tracks and even make it turn back to its original color.

"The best product to restore gray hair to its black or brown or blonde color."

Erica Medex - Portland Salon and Spas

Contact us for more information about the hair products, treatments, gels and shampoos. Finding a product that is healthier for your hair and scalp is not just good - its becoming mandatory!

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